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About Us | Dynamic Driving Training

Dynamic Driver Training has been serving the Mississauga area for many years. Through proven teaching strategies and a dedicated staff, it was been quickly established as one of the best driver training programs in the city.

Dynamic Driver Training is a MTO approved beginner driver training course provider. Our classroom lessons cover a wide array of topics, from distracted driving to emergency maneuvering and everything in between. Our Driving instructors are Ministry approved and licensed with an extensive amount of experience. Our vision is to allow students to engage about important topics in a fun, light manner that allows them to retain information without feeling like they’re doing work.

Our in-car instructors work hard to make sure you receive the best experience possible. Teaching in-car maneuvers is always done simply and calmly so the student can feel they are in a safe and welcoming environment to be able to learn. We understand how stressful driving can be for new drivers and our instructors do their best to make sure you’re feeling calm and relaxed. Our instructors will patiently work with their students until they learn the proper maneuvers in order to become safe and confident drivers.

At Dynamic Driver Training we do not only want you to get your license, we always want you to learn safe driving! Our in car and in class instructors pride themselves in teaching the correct and safe methods of driving and working closing with each student until they learn these methods. We never want to take someone for their test unless we are confident that they know what they are doing. Remember we are parents also, and we are concerned for every student’s safety.


Me and my friend signed up for Dynamic Driver training together. When we started our in class we thought it was going to be boring, but it actually turned out pretty interesting. Teacher was nice and ...
David Wong - UTM

I got my license with Dynamic Driver Training. It was a very enjoyable experience, the in class teacher taught really well, took his time, and answered all my questions. He didn’t mind going over th...
Dalton D'Souza

Recommend! Great instructors and they cost less than most school in sauga ...
Sanita 2017-06-25

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