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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dynamic Driver Training?

Dynamic Driver Training has been serving Mississauga since 1999. Our proven teaching methods have been trusted by the Halton School Board, Private schools and thousands of students. We provide practical, easy to understand training to prepare you for the road ahead. We do not waste time teaching you something you do not need nor explain methods we ourselves would not use. We provide safe, defensive and practical driving training at an affordable rate.

Is there a difference if I receive my certificate from this school or any other?

All driving schools need to be certified by the Ministry of Transportation, and all students completing these certified courses receive the same certification; non can provide you with better insurance discounts. The difference is in the quality of the education; we teach you how to become safe drivers not only how to pass a test! Our patient, calm and experienced instructors will work one-on-one to define and sharpen your skills so you’ll be ready for the road ahead.

What does the full course program consist of?

The program consists of 20 hours of Digital E-learning Course, 10 hours of in-car training and 10 hours of home work. The program is approved by the Ministry of Transportation and the driving instructors are licensed by the Ministry also.

Can I start the course without my G1?

Yes, you can start the Digital E-learning Course without your G1 however, you will need to have it by the time you start your in-car lessons

Do I have to finish my classes before I can start my in-car training?

No, we provide the flexibility for you to plan when you want to start your in car and in the Digital E-learning Course, however it is advised that you complete your Digital E-learning Course before starting your in-car.

Upon completing the full course where do I get my certificate?

The certificates are issued by the Ministry of Transportation at one of their licensing centers.

When can I go for my roadtest?

If you have taken the course you will need to wait a minimum of 8 months. If you have not, you will wait one year.

How fast can I book the full course?

Our dedicated in-car instructors work 7 days a week to ensure they can provide you with service when you have time. Also, our Digital E-learning Course runs every week, on weekends and holidays. Therefore, you can finish the full course in simply a couple of weeks.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, you can pay half when you start your in-car training and the other half when you start your Digital E-learning Course.