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George was the best! He is so funny, explain things really well and really wants his students to learn. Definitely recommend him!

Mark Hanna - St. Joan of Arc

Call George! This guy was super patient, relaxed and explained everything really well.

Alex Nolen

Thanks to the good people at Dynamic Drivers I got my license in no time! Had a great in car instructor and a great in class experience.

Sandra G

Had a great overall experience. George is an excellent teacher, definitely suggest you ask for him and everyone was really friendly.

Melissa H

Class was fun and informative. Learnt a lot more than I thought I would.

Andrew M - St. Joseph Secondary

I got my license with Dynamic Driver Training. It was a very enjoyable experience, the in class teacher taught really well, took his time, and answered all my questions. He didn’t mind going over things and answered individual questions after class. Really makes you feel like he wants you to learn. Thank you very much.

Dalton D'Souza

Classroom course was surprising interesting! Teacher is funny and likes to have discussions. Did not think I was going to enjoy it but it was honestly great.

Rachel K

Me and my friend signed up for Dynamic Driver training together. When we started our in class we thought it was going to be boring, but it actually turned out pretty interesting. Teacher was nice and always made jokes and let you ask a lot of questions. I had George as my in car instructor where my friend had Nadeem. We both had great experiences and both passed our tests from the first try.

David Wong - UTM

Great Class - really learnt alot! gotta give it up to the teachers for actually making the course informative

Michael M. - St. Joes SS

Very Patient, and knowledgeable instructors, thank you for an excellent experience!

Sarah G - St. Francis Xavier

Great Experience! learnt alot and passed from the first try!!

Yasmien A. - Rick Hansen Secondary School

Instructor took time to teach me what I needed to know, did not waste my time or money, helped me learn a lot and pass from the first attempt. Highly recommend George

Kiro Y. - Saint Martin Secondary School

Excellent teachers, and great class! got my G2 and G with them. Passed both from the first try. Definitely recommend them!

Steven H. - Father Michael Goetz Secondary School

Highly recommend, great driving school!

Haidi K. - Loyola Catholic Secondary School

Didnt have any driving experience before taking driving school - had a very patient instructor and a very pleasant experience.

Amanda Hanna - John Fraser Secondary School

Had an excellent experience! actually learnt a lot of information which I apply to my everyday driving, definitely recommend for new drivers, this course is essential!

Jessica Walter - King\'s Christian Collegiate

Very good course, excellent instructors, highly recommended

Mena Morcos

Excellent course - flexible instructors that worked around my schedule, taught me a lot and made it enjoyable. A good investment, driving can be tricky and if you don\\\'t learn the rules and techniques it can be very challenging when you\\\'re driving on your own.

Sandra Sorial - Gonzaga

Teachers are jokes! makes the class really fun and makes you want to participate! Really great experience! Don\\\'t get your license with anyone else but George!!!

Amir Rahmaan - Rick Hansen

Was referred by a friend and now I am recommending it to my friends, great school

Mustafa - Father Michael Goetz Secondary School

Just completed the 4 day course! learnt a lot and finished all my lessons very fast, very good school.

Justin C.

Went with a few of my friends to the 4 day course - we all had a great time and we all passed from the first time! great teachers, very helpful and informative!

Andrew T.

Whole family got their license with George! guy\\\'s great, very funny and does not waste your time or money. Definitely recommend to friends.

Mo Salimon - Rick Hansen SS

I had Michael as my instructor, he was really calm and helped explain all the driving techniques I needed to know. Thank you for helping me pass my test.

Rohan Singh - John Fraser

Just completed the 2016 march break course, and honestly I had a great experience! very informative, and interactive. We had a big class so it allowed us to have great discussions and groupwork. I also knew a lot of people there who were from my school so it made it a more enjoyable experience. Mina, our in class instructor was a great teacher, he has a great way of teaching material to make it relavant to you. Very good overall experience. Thanks

Joshua B

Just had my finished my in car lessons with Michael. Great instructor, explains things very well and is very punctual. He makes sure he runs through his checklist to ensure I have learned everything I need to. We went over parallel parking, highway, city driving, collision avoidance, and many others. I got an excellent package for a very reasonable price. Thank you for everything. Best of luck with everything!

Mark A

Really very good course. Instructor takes time to teach and explain very well. Helps me to understand and pass. Thank you very much.

Maha S. - Mississauga

Heard about this school from a few of my friends. Great class, they dont waste time and I learnt alot.

Gavin G. - Brampton

I have nothing but good things to say about this school! These are people who actually care about whether you pass or not. They didnt book my exam until I was ready and I passed from my first try

Sabha - Milton

Great course, definitely recommend.

Erin - Oakville

Recommend! Great instructors and they cost less than most school in sauga


Finished my lessons in no time and passed from the first time. Thank you


Very professional service, thank you for helping me get my license.

Mary S. - Mississauga