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Excellent course - flexible instructors that worked around my schedule, taught me a lot and made it enjoyable. A good investment, driving can be tricky and if you don\'t learn the rules and techniques it can be very challenging when you\'re driving on your own.
Sandra Sorial

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Our Company Motto

At Dynamic Driver Training we stand by a simple, yet important policy; train students to become safe and knowledgeable drivers. The roads have many challenges, from external to internal tasks that constantly demand the student’s attention. At Dynamic Driver Training, we train to identify and categorize these challenges in order to focus on the important demands on the road.

Fight Distractions

We understand the challenges facing young drivers today. Our classroom course provides an opportunity to have a sincere and open discussion regarding the perceptions and challenges of distracted driving in order to provide students with the information necessary to make a wise and informed decision.

Where We Serve

Our In-car Instructors provide Driver Training to all ends of Mississauga. From the heart of Streetsville, to the ends of Cooksville, Meadowvale, Churchill Meadows and Port Credit. We serve clients in all parts of this beautiful city, providing free drop off and pick up from work, school and home!